The first Plenary session of ICT4CART, held on 28 and 29 of November, has been a successful occasion for brainstorming, idea exchange and planning future actions.

ERTICO is part of a consortium including 21 partners from 9 EU countries, which gathered at T-Mobile premises in Vienna, to discuss the implementation of this H2020 Innovation action, with the aim of providing the ICT infrastructure to enable the transition towards road transport automation.

Would a partnership between private and public sector lead to better services and infrastructure for 5G technology implementation?

This has been the leading question on Day 1 of the session, in which the consortium, divided in groups representing the various actors involved in the implementation, was proposed 5 scenarios to analyse during an engaging workshop organised by one of the partners, Urban Foresight.

Private sector investing in the infrastructure and public one paying from the services; public sector providing the infrastructure and final users paying for the services; an equal combination of private/public purchases and investments.

Which combination is the most likely, which are the ideal locations to set this structure up and what the list of pros and cons?

All partners actively contributed to the discussion, bringing a different perspective and practical experiences, tailored on each country’s background. The session provided us with insight into how road operators are preparing to manage CAVs on the road. They are aware that their infrastructure and operators will shift with the new technology and that they need to be preparing for these changes as soon as possible. In many cases, their limited funding dictates that this will only be possible by working with technology researchers and manufacturers.

Use cases scenarios and Cyber Security

The stimulating discussion continued on Day 2, which was focused on use cases scenarios refinement, system requirements & architecture, data privacy & cyber security and test sites’ integration. ICT4CART is based on a hybrid communication approach, integrating all the major wireless technologies under flexible “sliced” network architecture, to ensure performance and resilience. In its implementation, it foresees four use-cases in different test sites: Austrian, Italian, German and cross border.

“One thing has become clear through the course of our research, and that’s that there isn’t one programme of study that has looked at the full ICT market for CAVs yet. We hope that this report can both help to guide the activities of our research consortium and act as a reference paper for those working throughout the industry.” (E.Clement, Consultant at Urban Foresight®).

For more information about the project and its results, follow ERTICO’s Twitter account and join ICT4CART LinkedIn group.


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