The European Commission recently published its Recommendation on support for an “EU wide eCall service” in electronic communication networks for the transmission of in-vehicle emergency calls based on the European standards developed by the European Standardisation Organisations (including E112 and TPS) and an Impact Assessment on the implementation of a harmonised “EU wide eCall service”.

The Impact Assessment concludes that:

• For the EU27 a regulatory approach is most effective and efficient. It is therefore recommended as the preferred option by the European Commission for the implementation of the “EU wide eCall service”

• The “EU wide eCall service” for passenger cars and light-duty vehicles will be included in an Annex to the Type Approval Directive which is currently under preparation by European Commission to take effect from 2015 for new type approved vehicles

The Impact Assessment was followed by a draft report from the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection & Committee on Transport and Tourism  supporting the conclusions of the Impact Assessment.  

From the start ERTICO’s Partners have supported and actively contributed to the development of an “EU wide eCall service” and therefore see a special responsibility to ensure effective deployment in Europe.

The document which can be downloaded here serves to support the EU institutions in achieving effective deployment of “EU wide eCall service” in Europe. 

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Original Publication Date: Thu 04 Oct 2012