The ITS Congresses offer a unique opportunity for the broader ITS community and stakeholders to exchange knowledge and expertise while showcasing the latest innovations in smart mobility. At the core of the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles, 18 to 22 September 2022, ERTICO will present 11 of the Partnership Projects and Innovation Platforms from four focus areas, Cooperative, Connected & Automated Driving (CCAM), Clean & Eco-Mobility, Urban Mobility and Transport & Logistics

The yearly ITS Congresses bring together thought leaders, developers and decision-makers to dicuss future mobility solutions and to present new solutions and services that benefit cities and citizens. ERTICO and its activities have been presented at many different Congresses across the globe, contributing to promoting and facilitating discussions on making European mobility smarter, safer and more sustainable. At this year’s ITS World Congress, ERTICO will share knowledge, expertise and the latest innovations in smart mobility. 

ERTICO activities in the focus area of CCAM will showcase the future of connected, cooperative and automated mobility, including two of the flagship projects, 5GMETA and 5G-MOBIX, as well as three innovative platforms: ADASIS, SENSORIS and the newly launched European Automated Valet Parking (EAVP).

Making sure that mobility is progressing towards a smarter and safer one is a key priority to ERTICO. The second focus area, Clean and Eco-Mobility will be showcased by one of the leading EU-funded projects, SOLUTIONSPlus.

ERTICO aims to make Urban Mobility more efficient, cleaner and equitable by promoting the deployment of new and innovative technologies while integrating data into multiple modes of transport. From this focus area, the four-year project, SHOW, including 69 partners and 20+ European cities and organisations in North America, Asia, and Australia, will be presented to showcase the integration fleets of automated vehicles in public transport, demand-responsive transport (DRT), MaaS, and Logistics as a Service (LaaS) schemes.

ERTICO and its Partnership also play an active role in connecting the dots for the future of Transport and Logistics. By combining innovation and smarter technical solutions with the right policies and operational activities for every stage of the movement of goods, ERTICO aims to contribute to a clean, efficient and more sustainable industry. At the ITS World Congress, two of ERTICO’s Partnership projects will be presented: 5G-LOGINNOV and FENIX Network.

Beyond the Partnership projects and innovative platforms, ERTICO connects the dots with  The ERTICO City Moonshot, an initiative aiming to engage, inspire, and empower cities, will also be present at the ERTICO stand, showcasing some key takeaways from interviewing 300 cities worldwide. Next to this insightful initiative, a unique mobility training program powered by ERTICO, the ERTICO Academy, will offer valuable knowledge on its capacity building and certified training programs in smart mobility. Do not miss to discover these two remarkable activities at the ERTICO stand in Los Angeles. In the meantime, learn more about all the ERTICO activities.

Visit the ERTICO  stand #1453 to hear more about Europe’s rollout of ITS initiatives.

Beyond the presence of these projects and platforms at the ERTICO stand, there will be several sessions and other activities. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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