As part of the i-Mobility Network service ERTICO has started publishing a series of Thematic Papers that will examine topical ITS issues or initiatives to contribute especially to the ongoing deployment of ITS in Europe and beyond. 

ERTICO – ITS Europe in collaboration with TISA (Traveller Information Services Association) published one of these Thematic Papers which can be accessed here. Entitled ‘Delivery channels for Traffic and Traveller Information (TTI) services’ the first Thematic Paper is intended to provide some background information about the delivery of TTI services and the issues that Radio Regulation needs to consider for the ubiquitous availability of TTI data services. TTI services may be delivered by “1-to-1” (point-to-point) or “1-to-a few” channels (point-to-multipoint) such as provided by mobile phone networks or they may be delivered by “1-to-many” channels such as provided by broadcast technology.

There have been many studies regarding the business models of these delivery channels and there is no doubt that the former has significant cost. Nevertheless the perceived information value may not be appreciated or even evaluated by the end user because worthwhile content is obtained and thus the end-user will have little appreciation of delivery channel economics.


The second Paper entitled ‘ITS and urban mobility’ summarises the recent activities of the ERTICO Partnership on the theme of ITS and urban mobility. It focuses on the topics of:


  • ‘Better mobility better cities’ – an attempt to address the limitations concerning accommodating the increased mobility demand in urban areas by increasing road and parking infrastructure;
  • ‘Stimulating “ecomobility” with eco driving and eco traffic management’ – vehicle technology alone is unable to fully mitigate the environmental impact of transport. Eco-driving and eco traffic management together with the appropriate infrastructure investments will help reduce emissions significantly;
  • ‘Improving the efficiency of urban freight and logistics’ – freight transport is a vitally important component of trade but yet suffers from inefficiencies. European cities can profit from traffic management solutions to help them to improve mobility efficiency lower congestion delays and costs reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions;
  • ‘Providing personalised multimodal traffic and travel information’ – information on real-time and real-cost alternatives that enable the traveller (but also traffic and road managers) to make an informed choice;
  • ‘Cooperative mobility – the next step…’ – a future connected world of cooperative mobility where travellers goods vehicles and infrastructure communicate share information and cooperate is a goal shared by ERTICO and the ITS Community.


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Original Publication Date: Mon 10 Jan 2011