In a spectacular conclusion to last year, ERTICO – ITS Europe, represented by Dr. Eusebiu Catana, was awarded the prestigious Innovation Award 2023 for Data Sharing and Data Transformation. This recognition, proposed by the Transport & Logistics Industry, applauds ERTICO for its outstanding contributions to the development and breakthroughs in data-sharing solutions and the efficient exchange of information.

“Data sharing is a key enabler, fundamental for optimising operations, improving safety, and enhancing the overall effectiveness of mobility, transport, optimisation of electromobility, urban mobility, smart cities and logistics systems. It enables better decision-making, resource utilisation, enhances resource management, fosters innovation in urban planning and development and collaboration among various stakeholders in these sectors,” says Dr Eusebiu Catana. “Data sharing plays an essential role in the fields of mobility, transport, and logistics, providing several key benefits for efficiency, safety, and overall improvement of service. It is integral to the successful deployment and operation of various technologies, including 5G, AI, Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility, and autonomous driving.”

The EU-funded projects, FENIX and 5G-LOGINNOV, led by ERTICO and Dr Eusebiu Catana, addressed innovation in the transport and logistics sectors. Both of which were fundamental for achieving this prestigious award. The projects ended in 2023 and supported the European logistics ecosystem by working on how to handle current and future capacity and traffic, increase efficiency, and manage environmental challenges, as well as by developing the first European federated architecture of data sharing to serve the needs of the European logistics community of shippers, service providers, mobility infrastructure providers, cities, and authorities. Another very important contributing EU-funded project was BOOSTLOG which was also concluded last year after three years of work. BOOSTLOG aimed to transform the European freight transport and logistics R&I ecosystem to perform optimally boosting impact generation out of R&I investment contributing to EU policy objectives towards climate neutrality, pollution, congestion and noise reduction, free movement of goods, internal security, digital transformation of logistics chains and data sharing logistics ecosystems and supports companies sustainability and competitiveness generating value for society. 

Data sharing plays a pivotal role as the main enabler across various domains within ERTICO, learn more about all the different projects and innovation platforms in the Transport & Logistics focus area.