Prof. Fontana and Prof. Sakurai from the Federal University of São Paulo visited ERTICO and discussed potential cooperation with  ERTICO and ERTICO partners.

Prof. Fontana and Prof. Sakurai from Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) visited the ERTICO offices on 10th November meeting members of the ERTICO staff and Mr. Patrick Mercier-Handisyde from DG Research and Innovation, European Commission. Prof. Fontana introduced their research projects on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), ITS for public transport and logistics. Mr Mercier-Handisyde gave an overview of current policies on international cooperation in Horizon 2020. Prof. Fontana confirmed that UNIFESP is eligible of federal funding from Brazilian funding agency to participate in Horizon 2020 projects according toa  bilateral agreement between the Brazilian government and the European Commission. In such a framework, a partner from Brazil can participate in any calls of proposals of Horizon 2020. If the proposal is accepted, the Brazilian partner will automatically grant research funds from Brazilian funding agencies to participate in the project.

ERTICO staff presented a number of ERTICO activities on events and projects. Mr Benoit Augarde from the Congress department of ERTICO gave an overview of the ITS European Congress 2017 hosted in June in Strasbourg, France and invited UNIFESP to participate in the Congress. Dr Carlos Holguin presented CityMobil2 and Autopilot, EC funded projects on automated and connected vehicles. Dr. Davide Brizzolara presented the recently started Coordination and Support Action Project, CARTRE and plans for the first European Congress on Automated and Connected Vehicles. Mr Mercier-Handisyde hoped that Brazil can participate in the conference in order to strengthen cooperation in the field between EU and Brazil. Dr. Yanying Li also invited UNIFESP to participate in various activities of Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

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