On 6 September during the 6th China Annual Conference and International Exhibition on ITS Vincent Blervaque Director of Development and Deployment at ERTICO gave a presentation on the status quo of ITS development and deployment in Europe.

The presentation focused on:

  • EU ITS Directive and ITS Action overview including priority areas and priority actions organisation and timeline
  • Introduction to ITS deployment challenges in Europe with respect to technologies services business models and policy frameworks
  • Overview of major European Projects for ITS Development and Deployment namely Instant Mobility eCoMove Viajeo DRIVE C2X HeERO EASYWAY and the ERTICO coordinated Deployment Platforms such as TISA ADASIS and the Cooperative Mobility Alliance.
  • ITS World Congress with promotion first of 2011 Orlando Congress and announcement of 2012 Vienna Congress call for paper.

ERTICO participation to the ITS China annual event was closely linked to the VIAJEO Workshop and the first joint ERTICO – ITS Europe/ITS China seminar (8-9 September).


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Original Publication Date: Tue 20 Sep 2011