17 June 2013

ERTICO ITS Europe CEO Herman Meyer will be attending the simTD (Safe and Intelligent Mobility Test Field) Final Event on 20 June 2013 in Frankfurt/Main on the fair and exhibition grounds in Frankfurt/Main.

The simTD research project is shaping tomorrow’s safe and intelligent mobility through researching and testing car-to-x communication and its applications. After a thorough research and devlopment work, the research project “Safe and Intelligent Mobility – Test Field Germany (simTD)” will be hosting this final event.

The simTD partners will give an outlook on tomorrow’s mobility and will show how traffic efficiency and traffic safety can be increased through car-to-x communication.

Presentations and an exhibition will enable visitors to gain an overview of the project results and will give them the opportunity to beocme informed about the system and architecture.

Some of the participants will have the opportunity to take a ride in a vehicle of the simTD test fleet.

more information about the simTD project here