ERTICO is excited to announce that the ITMO University, a top higher education institution in Russia and one of the top universities in the world, has joined its Partnership. This new collaboration opens ERTICO’s network to another important player in the research sector.

‘Intelligent Transport Systems is one of the top application fields where ITMO’s excellent programmers and researchers could make the most impact through the collaboration with colleagues from universities, research centres and companies – the other Partners of ERTICO. We are excited to join!’ says Daria Kozlova, the First Vice-Rector of the ITMO University.

With over 120 years of experience, the ITMO university is the leading academic institution in IT, quantum science and photonics. The university also focuses on combing the strengths of social and technical sciences to find innovative solutions to the challenges of the future and to bring up the next generation of creative thinkers.

‘Since 1900, ITMO University has grown into one of the best engineering schools in Russia, earning the name of the National Research University. What makes ITMO unique is its global leadership in the field of programming: our students are the absolute champions of the World Championship in Programming – ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. It means, there is no other university in the world that trains students in programming better than ITMO,’ says Daria Kozlova, the First Vice-Rector of the ITMO University.

‘ITMO University will benefit from access to a network of other research institutions, public authorities and other stakeholders that already belong to ERTICO Partnership. ERTICO is delighted to welcome this new Partner that will be able to offer its keen insights on Intelligent Transport Systems and share the expertise from one of the best researchers in the field in Russia, ‘ says Cordelia Wilson, Senior Manager for Marketing and Communication.