The city of Estepona in southern Spain has developed a SUMP to support a transition to cycling and public transport and improve local quality of life.

With a total investment of € 19m, the plan includes around 50 measures such as the construction of cycle lanes, expanding pedestrian areas, improving transport links to industrial areas and reducing traffic congestion in the city centre.

Pilar Fernández-Fígeres, Estepona’s Councilor for Resource Management, said: ‘As is being done in other big cities, Estepona has begun to take its first steps in the adoption of measures to introduce alternatives for urban mobility in the future. Estepona is a city popular with tourists, and as such must focus on sustainable mobility.’
Some broader goals and benefits that the plan aims to achieve are reduced energy consumption, improved public transport services and better public health through less air and noise pollution from traffic. 
Original author: Lewis Macdonald