An EU-funded mobility project is offering training courses to help companies develop innovative solutions that can reduce congestion in cities.

The FLOW project, which aims to tackle urban congestion by developing walking and cycling measures, will select between 20-30 participants to take part in its series of online learning activities.

The training courses are for companies, such as app developers and consultancies, that provide products and services related to urban transport, urban planning, walking and cycling and/or reducing urban road congestion.

The training consists of interactive e-learning modules and webinars that introduce new products developed by FLOW partners, such as software that analyses traffic, provides forecasts, and manages data from geographic information systems.

Companies that take part in the training will feature in an online catalogue that FLOW will present to European local authorities – opening doors to new contacts and potential clients.

The most active participants in the trainings will receive an award from the FLOW project during its final conference in Brussels.

The deadline for applications is 31 October 2016. Trainings will take place in January 2017.