EURIPIDES² is a EUREKA Cluster supporting cooperative R&D in smart electronic systems integration in aerospace, automotive, energy, health care, transport, mobility and security.  Projects targeting Smart cities are also strongly encouraged. The deadline for submission of project outlines in EURIPIDES²’s next call is September 23th, 2014.


EURIPIDES² calls follow a two-step approach, the first step is the submission of a project outline. The project outline provides a short overview of the concept, the objectives of the project and the partnership even if they are not entirely settled. This document, which can be downloaded on the EURIPIDES² website, allows early advice and feedback from the cluster’s  technical committee. The project outline will also facilitate preliminary discussions and feedback from relevant public authorities involved in the funding of a EURIPIDES²  project. Although the completion of a project outline is highly recommended, participants may also submit directly a full project proposal, the second step, before November 20th.


EURIPIDES² is present in 28 countries with Czech Republic and Canada having reiterated their full support to the Cluster on the occasion of its latest annual forum in Prague between June 5th and 6th. During the event no less than nine proposals were presented with a view to find additional partners. All projects looking for partners are advertised through regularly organised webcast sessions.

Original author: Remy Renaudin