Europe’s future prosperity depends on the success of digitization. This was the key message conveyed by CEO Timotheus Höttges at the shareholders’ meeting in Cologne on May 21. Everything that can be digitized is being digitized, he said, adding that everything that can be connected is being connected – people, machines, and products. Those who fail to directly tackle the challenge of digitization will soon no longer play a role in the market, Höttges went on to say. “Perhaps not today, but certainly tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”

Deutsche Telekom is accompanying entire sectors and industries in the transition to connected work, production, and sales, said Höttges. The Deutsche Telekom CEO said that networks with ever higher speed and ever higher performance provide the basis for digitization and the business success that this engenders. He noted that the Group annually invests billions in building out the network and thus pursues its vision of becoming the leading European telecommunications provider. “Networks are the basis of all things. This is why we invest more than any other company. A large proportion of our investments totaling almost EUR 10 billion goes into networks. We are part of the Architecture for a Digital Future which we actively help craft – for us and for others.”

The “blueprint” here remains focused on four strategic goals

  • Integrated IP networks
  • Best customer experience
  • Win with partners
  • Lead in business

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