The European Parliament overwhelmingly adopted the proposal improving the training of professional drivers during its plenary session in Strasbourg.

The Commission had proposed to enhance rules on professional drivers’ training to improve road safety standards in February 2017, as a revision to Directive 2003/59/EC.

The proposal aims to:

modernise the training by putting the accent on road safety, including for example the protection of vulnerable road users and the use of driver assistance systems, emphasizing the optimisation of fuel consumption and introducing the use of new technology, like e-learning options;
clarify the rules on minimum ages between the Professional Drivers’ Directive and EU rules on driving licenses;
ensure the mutual recognition of training followed in a Member State different from the Member States of residence; and
make the Directive clearer and easier to interpret.
In addition, the Parliament decided to establish an electronic exchange system for drivers’ qualifications, which helps the mutual recognition of training undergone in another EU Member States and can also be used by enforcement authorities.

Following the vote in Parliament, the Council is expected to formally adopt the Directive in June.

Source: European Commission