European Urban Transport Roadmaps 2030 is partnering with the CIVITAS initiative at the 2017 CIVITAS Forum to showcase a policy tool that allows decision-makers to analyse the relative impact of different combinations of sustainable urban mobility measures.

Commissioned by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, the tool helps cities deliver on the goals of their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) by enabling them to forecast the impact of measures and understand whether they are indeed the best solution to the challenges they face. The focus is on developing realistic transport scenarios and roadmaps that are feasible and practical to implement.

At the Forum, a one-day stream of six sessions will take under the header of “European Transport Roadmap 2030”. These will form part of the Forum’s Deployment Day on 28 September.

The sessions will include an introduction to the tool and a practical training workshop, whilst also covering capacity building, procurement, and financing SUMP solutions. A series of case studies will also be presented.

The Urban Transport Roadmap tool will be demonstrated in the Forum’s marketplace, where Forum participants can try out the tool and receive personal guidance on how to use it according to their transport planning needs.