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Today’s Competitiveness of Vehicles and Telematics Services is decided by how Companies Create and Use Data and Information in their Business Development

August 15, 2013 @ 6:00 am - 3:00 pm

Telematics Valley International Conference 2013

September 9-10:th in Gothenburg


This year the focus is on Business Development to improve Telematics services and products.

To explain the Opportunities and Challenges with development of Information Based Services and Product Functionality using Data in general and Real Time Data especially, the conference will adress the following important issues.

Human Changes in Behaviour puts New Requirments on Telematics Related Services and Soluions as well as the producrs: Listen to how we humans are using the Smartphones, Tablets, PCs to build our digital images and realize why we have to understand this development when designing and developing services and products.

What is Data and Real Time Data worth from a Business Perspective: Understand what the opportunities and challenges are when developing services and solutions that the customers actually are prepared to pay for.Most data can be captured but the demands we have on data speed and quality will be followed by a cost. 

The Vehice Industry implements more and more advanced electronics in their products: Learn about the challenges they face and the opportunities they see.

Fleet Management Systems market is changing when Telematics is factory fítted in trucks: Listen to how FMS solution providers see the potential to improve their services through more and better data and refined information.

How can the traffic become safer, less congesting, less polluting and tolled in a fair way: Get a description of how tomorrow’s traffic and driving will change and how more in-vehicle and road side ITS-systems will interact to exhange data and information to accomplish these changes.

Data is becoming more and more valuable for Service Development: Listen to examples how services can be operated more efficiently and the customer value can be increased like in UBI and Rescue services.

Big data or Small data:Speakers with different views on when big or small data is most effective will give their perspectives.

This Conference presents Examples from various Service Providers as well as the Vehicle Industry, that will give a broad understanding of the potential of Data, Real Time Data and Information but also highlight the Challenges they have come across when trying to Utilize and Monetize on it.

If you work with Sales, Marketing, Product or Service Development the potential and challenges with Data and Real Time Data in tomorrows Telematics related products will be decisive for your company’s success and this conference will definitly give you valuable insights.

Speakers at the conference are:
–  Klas Bendrik – CIO, Volvo Car Corporation
–  Deeped, Niclas Strandh– Digital Strategist CEO, United Power Advertising Agency 
–  Vincent Maenhaut – Vice President Sales & Marketing Logistics Software, PTV Group
–  Frank Felten  – Vice President Product Management, PTVGroup

–  Jonas Borgström – Director, Saab
–  Steinar Furan – Advisor, Q-Free
–  Dr Friedhelm Ramme – Manager Automotive – Ericsson Global Competence Hub
–  Peter Thorngren – Vehicle Engineering Specialist Modeling & Simulation, Volvo Trucks 
–  Martin Hiscox – CEO – Chairman of the Board, Masternaut 
–  John Glendenning – V.P and General Manager EMEA, Datastax
–  Michael L. Sena, President, Michael L. Sena Consulting
–  Johan Gentzell – Industry Market Development Manager, Microsoft
–  Taco van der Leij – VP Product Marketing, TomTom Business Solutions
–  David Levine  Global Head of Automotive Business Development and Strategy, Vodafone
–  Johan Amoruso Wennerby  Product Launch Manager, Vehco
–  Petter Djerf – Director Sales & Key Accounts, Mediamobile Nordic
–  Fredrik Kronlid- CEO, Talkamatic


August 15, 2013
6:00 am - 3:00 pm