Testing of automated vehicles (SAE levels 0–5) is possible in road traffic in Finland using a test plate certificate.

In testing automated vehicles, the vehicle must have driver either inside or outside the vehicle. In liability issues, the driver is the person who makes decisions on the movement of the vehicle.

An enterprise, agency or other organisation engaged in research and development of automated vehicles may apply to Trafi for a test plate certificate. The certificate entitles the bearer to drive test vehicles, to a limited extent and on a temporary basis, both in road traffic and off-road. For testing in road traffic, Trafi will issue test plates.

The holder of a test plate certificate for automated vehicle trials may operate a vehicle with test plates in road traffic on a temporary basis without being liable for car and vehicle tax on that vehicle.
The test plate certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue, and it is automatically renewed annually.

Finland as a Traffic lab

The Finnish Traffic lab is a test field for digital and innovative mobility and logistics services. The objective is to enable new service ecosystems boosting private and public economy.
The Traffic Lab combines promotion of digital mobility solutions, culture of experiments and close cooperation between the public and the private sectors. The door is open also for international actors to come to Finland to test and innovate future transport services.

Further information

Testing of automated vehicles: Chief Adviser Reijo Jälkö, reijo.jalko@trafi.fi, tel. +358 50 520 1628
Traffic Lab: Director General of Data and Knowledge Juha Kenraali, juha.kenraali@trafi.fi, tel. +358 40 557 8903
Chief Adviser Anders Granfelt, anders.granfelt@trafi.fi, tel. +358 40 182 6224
Trafi develops the safety of the transport system, promotes environmentally friendly transport solutions and is responsible for transport system regulatory duties. www.trafi.fi/en

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