FAME (Framework for coordination of Automated Mobility in Europe) is one of the newest ERTICO projects included in the CCAM focus area. With ERTICO’s coordination, its kick-off meeting was organised on 1 and 2 September in Brussels gathering 23 consortium partners from 12 Member States with representatives from the European Commission – CINEA, DG RTD and DG MOVE. The goal of the event was to present and coordinate on the tasks of this EU-funded project which are meant to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, lessons learned and best practices and accelerate the harmonised development and deployment of CCAM in Europe.

The project, which is building on the legacy of previous EU-funded support actions including the VRA, CARTRE and ARCADE projects, aims to directly support the work of the CCAM Partnership and the European Commission for the identification of gaps and future needs for R&I in CCAM. Such cooperation across stakeholders and coordination has been required by the European Commission, the Member States and Industry since the Declaration of Amsterdam and the High Level Meetings on CAD.

To address the remaining challenges related to coordination of Research & Innovation and sharing of knowledge for CCAM in Europe, FAME has 5 specific objectives.

  1. Establish a European Framework for CCAM testing activities on public roads comprising a taxonomy, Common Evaluation Methodology, CCAM TDS and a legal & ethical framework
  2. Develop a common evaluation method (CEM) that provides guidance on how to set up and carry out an evaluation or assessment of direct and indirect (wider socio-economic) impacts directed at different user groups.
  3. Develop a CCAM test data space (TDS) to establish trusted data sharing between different types of stakeholders within the CCAM community.
  4. Engage the stakeholder network of the CCAM partnership and enrich it with the broader European and international CCAM stakeholder community for the further development, alignment and exploitation of the content of the Knowledge Base and the development of a common methodology and testing framework
  5. Enhance the online EU-wide Knowledge Base with an efficient governance mechanism, ensuring continuous contribution from CCAM stakeholders to serve their needs and the CCAM partnership.

“This is a great validation of previous work but also a great responsibility to deliver the tools and methodology that will define the framework for harmonised CCAM testing and ultimately accelerate the deployment of CCAM in Europe”, says FAME Project Coordinator Dr Stephane Dreher.

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FAME project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions under grant agreement No 101069898.