The Federal Ministry of Transport Building and Urban Development and the toll operator Toll Collect have agreed on the introduction of tolls on some federal dual-carriageway highways.

The toll for heavy trucks will be extended to some 1000 kilometres of federal highways that are of motorway standard and are connected to a motorway. This will take advantage of the technical possibilities of the satellite-based tolling system for trucks. The toll rate corresponds to that applied on motorways thus an average of 17 cents / km. An estimated additional annual revenue of 100 million Euros is expected.

According to Secretary of State Ramsauer “now we have the go-ahead: the goal is to begin collecting goods vehicle tolls on around 1000 km of four-lane highways constructed to motorway standard with effect from 1 August 2012. The additional funds are earmarked for the development and maintenance of road infrastructure. We thus strengthen the “road funding cycle” created last year with a clear benefit in the form of increased investment in the road network.”

The discussions with consortium members German Telekom Daimler and Cofiroute proved particularly difficult with respect to liability issues. Reflecting experience from the original introduction of the goods vehicle tolling emphasis in the negotiations was set on thoroughness rather than speed.

With this agreement that was adopted by the German Bundestag and approved by the Bundesrat last year the Federal Highway Toll Act can be implemented. Furthermore this accords with a corresponding Recommendation of the Federal Court of Accounts.

For more information visit the Federal Ministry of Transport website (in German).

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Original Publication Date: Thu 16 Feb 2012