The AMITRAN project will define a reference methodology to assess the impact of intelligent transport systems on CO2 emissions. In this context, an online survey has been conducted to identify the needs and requirements of stakeholder’s organisations regarding a CO2 assessment methodology.

The first results of the survey are now available! More detailed results of the survey and the interviews that have been conducted based on the survey, will be documented in the Deliverable 2.1 in May.

Key findings

For almost 90% of respondents such an assessment methodology would be helpful, especially at European scale (31.37%) and local/regional level (27.45%).

National governments/authorities (15.20%), local governments/authorities (11.49%) and policy makers (11.15%) are expected to be the primary users and stakeholders of the AMITRAN methodology, according to the respondents.

Safety & security (88.06%), Traffic quality (86.57%), Costs (82.09%) and local emissions such as noise, particulate matter, etc. (82.09%) have been classified by the respondents as most important aspects of ITS impacts for their organisation.


Below are some of the preliminary graphics taken out from the survey results.