Research released by Expedia and its business travel arm Egencia shows more than three-quarters of British people take at least one mobile device on holiday.

The 2014 Mobile Index also reveals that more that almost 70% use their devices throughout the trip and they see them as enhancing the experience from research and booking right through to when they return.

More than a third of those polled say they use their devices to research the initial trip and it seems more than 40% plan their travel from bed.

While abroad travellers say they use their devices to manage holiday time with more than a quarter saying it helps them be more flexible with plans and almost 40% saying they use devices to get tips along the way.

The study looks at the habits of business travellers as well as leisure trippers and reveals that more than 25% of road warriors use their phones to manage itineraries. In addition, 38% believe automatic itinerary updates are an essential function in a travel application.

Further findings in the Expedia-Egencia study reveal complimentary wifi and high-speed internet access are the two most important factors for global and British travellers booking a hotel. In addition, while more than of British business travellers 80% take a smartphone on trip, only 59% take a laptop.

Additional highlights include:

On top on email and messaging, 38% of UK travellers use their devices for taking pictures and video, 40% for maps and navigation and 33% to access social media. More than one-in-five travellers who got to their destination before booking their hotel used their mobile device to book it. Only 35% of global travellers say they purchase a data roaming plan when outside their country network. In addition to automatic itinerary updates, the survey reveals maps and directions and the ability to check in to a flight are the most important features of a mobile travel app.

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The research was commissioned by Expedia and Egencia and carried out by Northstar among more than 8,500 people in 24 countries.

Original author: Linda Fox