“We need to embrace a global approach, opening the doors to our colleagues from other continents. This is why international cooperation will play a fundamental role in 2018.” stated ERTICO’s CEO Jacob Bangsgaard at the beginning of 2018, and so far, Europe’s leading organisation for ITS has kept its word.

After visiting the Republic of Tartastan in February and the People’s Republic of China in April, ERTICO – ITS Europe continued its collaboration with stakeholders overseas in Japan and Singapore.

The first stop of this two-week trip was Fukuoka, Japan, where ERTICO’s CEO participated in the Asia-Pacific forum. This was a great occasion to meet ITS Organizations, industry authorities, the ITS Nationals and the delegations from the whole Asia-Pacific region to discuss about the latest developments in ITS.

From the left side: Jacob Bangsgaard (CEO of ERTICO), Hajime Amano (CEO of ITS Japan), Wang Xiaojing (Chairman of China ITS Industry Alliance), and Shailen Bhatt (CEO of ITS America).

The visit to Japan was also an opportunity to foster international cooperation and encourage dialogue with and amongst stakeholders, especially ERTICO Japanese Partners and key executives from the country.

The second part of the trip took place in Singapore, the future host of the 2019 ITS World Congress. Here, ERTICO and the City of Copenhagen chaired the board of directors meeting. This was a good opportunity to discuss about Mobility as a Service in the different regions and to focus on what will be the future challenges for the ITS organizations worldwide when it comes to membership, partnership and ITS developments.

ERTICO meets with Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda, former chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Sharing the knowledge on ITS and mobility outside of Europe, among ITS nationals and above all Partners, is a fundamental aspect for the advancements of technology in transport. ERTICO will continue in the time to come the dialogue with Partners around the world, which is vital to shape intelligent mobility, and is looking forward to the next meeting in Copenhagen during the ITS World Congress.