France intends to put an end to the sale of petrol and diesel automobiles by the  year 2040, this is all being done as President Emmanuel Macron’s government is determined to meet the Climate accord and it is all part of their ambitious plan for France to reach carbon neutrality in 2050.

The most positive aspect of this is the fact that France plans to change all diesel cars that were manufactured before 1997 and petrol cars before the year 2001.  France’s Minister for energy, environment and transport has indicated there will be a restriction of palm oil for biofuels to fight deforestation.

Closing all the remaining coal-fired power plants by 2022 was also announced.  The French government is investing 4 billion euros to improve energy, efficiency and this will also include financial support for the lowest income households to renovate their homes and also increase carbon prices.

After US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal from the Paris agreement.  France has declared their commitment to increasing their goals concerning the climate.