The south-west German city of Freiburg launched its latest public carsharing station, bringing it closer to its target of opening 68 public carsharing stations in the city in a year.

The newest station, with space for seven cars, opened in the city’s Wiehre district next to a railway station.

Together with 47 carsharing stations on private land, there are now 115 stations with spaces for 279 vehicles in Freiburg.

‘Freiburg is the first city in Germany to set up a large number of carsharing stations based on a citywide approach. Our carsharing concept is an important contribution to transport that is compatible with an urban city,’ said senior planning officer Martin Haag.

Two carsharing companies, Stadtmobil Südbaden and Grüne Flotte, will provide the cars for the station. These will include a range of vehicles users can select and rent, including small, family and premium vehicles from different categories.