Fujitsu today announced the launch of DMP Integration Service to provide effective promotions by integrating and analyzing a variety of internal and external data. This “data management platform” service is set to respond to the rising needs of companies that want to put to use their data accumulated in internal systems to strengthen engagement with existing customers. Sales of the service will commence from August 23, with availability initially only in Japan.

This DMP Integration Service provides a data integration, analysis, and utilization platform to link the databases that integrate and manage a variety of mission-critical data held by companies, such as customer information, with access data such as internet searches and website views held by service providers. It provides optimal promotions based on individual purchase and activity histories, thereby integrating different customer channels. This system supports everything from collecting to utilizing data that matches the ways customers use their products, enabling the planning and implementation of promotions, including web promotions and email campaigns that take into account individual customers by integrating and analyzing a variety of data.

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