The Romanian city of Galați has secured both a loan of € 22.6 million and a grant of € 900 000 from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to upgrade its urban transport facilities.
Galați is seeking to improve current road conditions and decrease travel time, fuel consumption and air pollution, all of which are the result of underinvestment in urban infrastructure. The money will be used to revitalise key streets, purchase new trolleybuses and introduce an automated ticketing system for public transport.
Additionally, the EBRD will support Galați in developing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), which will map out a path to high-quality sustainable transport for the city’s inhabitants. The municipality also plans to launch new funding schemes for road construction and maintenance.
Mayor of Galați Marius Stan said: ‘We are grateful for the EBRD’s support, which goes beyond investments in improved infrastucture. The transfer of know-how and assistance in developing and implementing a long-term strategy for the management of urban transport are just as important for delivering better-organised transport services for all.’
The EBRD is helping other cities in Romania to establish modern and sustainable transport infrastructure, having invested around € 6.7 billion in 364 projects across the country. Currently it is providing consultation on the development of SUMPs in eight Romanian cities.  
Original author: Lewis Macdonald