Enabling automotive M2M applications with unrivalled quality assurances and certified production processes

Gemalto (Euronext NL 0000400653 GTO) the world leader in digital security and creator of the Cinterion Machine-to-Machine (M2M) products and services has announced its new automotive-grade Machine Identification Module (MIM) is the first to achieve highest level ISO/TS 16949 certification for state-of-the-art production processes plus a suite of assurances for superior quality products. Gemalto’s auto-grade MIM is used by mobile operators automotive manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers to identify individual vehicles encrypt M2M communications and ensure secure global connectivity for applications such as smart vehicle systems eCall emergency solutions and vehicle telematics.

With ISO/TS 16949 certification Gemalto auto-grade MIMs can be tracked and traced during vehicle production installation and throughout lifetime driving for up to 15 years. Gemalto provides the ability to quickly identify and locate specific MIMs within 48 hours. These highly robust qualities are crucial to proper risk management in the automotive industry where vehicles and critical components are often warranted for life.

“Juniper Research estimates there will be 92 million connected vehicles in operation by 2016 and as consumers increasingly rely on systems providing convenience security and polluting emission reduction such as embedded navigation and real time traffic updates the need for fail safe wireless connectivity has never been greater” said Benoit Jouffrey Vice President of M2M Value Added Services at Gemalto. “Our auto-grade MIM provides drivers with confidence that their onboard communications systems will be secure and reliable for the prolonged life of their vehicles.”

The ruggedised Gemalto auto-grade MIM is engineered for enhanced durability endurance and longevity even in operating conditions of extreme heat vibration corrosion and humidity. It offers advanced operating system features for optimized memory management and data retention such as a 17-year lifespan and one billion erase/write cycles which provides access to unprecedented information to improve the driving experience while preserving the valuable history of connected vehicle communications.

In addition Gemalto offers a suite of ISO/TS 16949 certified Cinterion Modules for automotive M2M communication offering simultaneous voice and high speed data communications for today’s advanced connected vehicle solutions. OEMs developers and car manufacturers can speed up integration of high quality communications technology and simplify their deployment by leveraging Gemalto’s MIMs together with a complete portfolio of automotive M2M modules complemented by flexible over-the-air provisioning and servicing solutions.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 19 Jul 2012