Gemalto Yokosuka Telecom Research Park Fujitsu Ten and ERTICO launch the first eCall testing centre in Japan

On 3 January Gemalto announced its collaboration with Yokosuka Telecom Research Park Inc. (YRP) FUJITSU TEN developer of advanced safety systems and ERTICO to launch Japan’s first eCall testing facility in order to help global automakers meet the European Union’s  new emergency response standards. Gemalto will provide its best-in-class Cinterion® Machine-to-Machine (M2M) automotive modules and Machine Identification Modules (MIMs) technologies to enable communications and GPS positioning for all trial scenarios. It is the first eCall facility outside Europe allowing Japanese automakers to locally test solutions destined for the European Union.

Designed to reduce emergency response time the “112” eCall service is a pan-European interoperable M2M system that allows vehicles (and passengers) to automatically call for help in the case of a road incident. The FUJITSU TEN and YRP test bed features In-Vehicle-System (IVS) units that leverage eCall-compliant Gemalto technology already proven successful in Europe and compliant with European test cases. As air bags or other in-vehicle sensors are triggered a Gemalto automotive grade MIM instantly establishes a secure network connection and a Cinterion automotive M2M module initiates a standardised “112” voice call with the nearest emergency call center. The system automatically sends key situation data including exact incident location time stamp Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and more to emergency operators who dispatch appropriate services in real time. The solution can be activated manually by passengers when needed. Trials are very much facilitated by this testing center Japan’s only exclusive eCall 2G cellular network which simulates European wireless networks.

“Gemalto an ERTICO Partner has been instrumental in supporting the YRP test center and enabling pre-deployment of European Union “112” eCall solutions across Europe” said Hermann Meyer ERTICO – ITS Europe CEO. “Gemalto’s expertise and advanced technology is helping the entire automotive supply chain meet the requirement to equip all new EU passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with eCall capability by 2015.”

“By enabling local testing of eCall technology Gemalto and its partners are streamlining manufacturing and helping global automakers achieve significant time and cost efficiencies” said Marcel Visser VP Automotive at Gemalto. “Gemalto’s leading-edge modules and MIMs are ISO/TS 16949 certified to help car manufacturers meet strict industry requirements for quality and traceability throughout the life of a vehicle. We are proud of our contribution to road safety and to people’s daily life using digital security.”

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Original Publication Date: Mon 07 Jan 2013