You have been told for years to spend as much time as possible on your TripAdvisor page. It is still relevant but it is time to have a closer look at another of your online tools.

Google business page is a cornerstone of your digital presence. Google considers it as your doorstep on the web. Here is why you must take care of it. Here are six simple reasons to spend more time on it.

NB: This is a viewpoint from Thibault Lecuyer, vice president of ecommerce marketing communication at Fastbooking.

Someone else might be messing with it

Google page hacking is as old as Google pages, with potential dramatic consequences. And, even if you might not go bankrupt because of a hacker, not being the owner of your Google business page means letting someone else speak to your clients, about you, in your place. It harms your image, and prevents you from doing all that follows. When was the last time you checked you owned your page?

Your customers are looking for you there

The adoption rate of the Google maps application is going through the roof. Your potential clients won’t always go to your website to learn your address, your phone number, your opening hours or to have a look at pictures. Your business page might as well catch their eye before your website does. Better be ready for it with interesting, relevant and complete content.

It makes you look good 

The business page gives you plenty of amazing opportunities to show your best side. Your facade on Google Street View, your rooftop on the satellite view, or the inside of your hotel with an interactive 360° view. If your website doesn’t have those features, take advantage of Google’s (and then change your web agency).

google business page

It enhances your mobile presence

A good Google business page will ensure you appear properly on one of the most downloaded apps of all time: Google Maps. It is one of the most used on a daily basis. It can even be used offline, for travellers not enjoying internet access on their smartphone abroad.

Being where the traveller is looking for you is already customer service. It will not only enhance your mobile presence: your will appear better in every Google vertical : photos, videos, not only in relevance but also in volume.

It’s good for your search engine optimisation

Associating your website to your Google business page gives you more space on the results page. More space and more links. More links mathematically attracts more clicks. It can also put you on the radar for generic searches like “hotel + city” or “hotel + neighbourhood”. Google’s last algorithm update, Pigeon, favours local content. The relevance of your Google business page will increase your presence in local searches. Who wouldn’t want that?

It’s about to mean business 

The Google business page is the pillar of Google’s strategy in travel. This is where user reviews are gathered, where your pictures and your information are supposed to be seen.

With Google Maps taking more and more space on search results pages, and the Google Carousel arriving progressively around the world, well managed and content-filled business pages will rise to the top of results. And, this is only the first step of Google taking a place in travel. You had better be ready today.

The Google business page follows several deep trends of online visibility : it is mobile, social and local. And it is dead easy to use, update and follow.

Google has mapped North Korea, the moon and Mars. Should your hotel be less accessible to internet users?

NB: This is a viewpoint from Thibault Lecuyer, vice president of ecommerce marketing communication at Fastbooking.

NB2: Hotel on tablet image via Shutterstock

Original author: Special Nodes