ERTICO – ITS Europe is delighted to welcome the newly-elected Chairman of the Network of National ITS Associations, Günther Weber from ITS Germany e.V., and Vice-Chairman Mihai Niculescu, from ITS Romania.

Launched in 2004 and hosted by ERTICO, the Network of National ITS Associations gathers the national ITS and disseminates ITS knowledge and information to all ITS stakeholders at the local and national level. The Network works in collaboration with ERTICO to raise awareness of common ITS interests within the European Union, support co-operation and projects across EU Member States and promote ITS from the ground up, starting with SMEs.

“It is a great honour to be elected as the Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the Network of National ITS Associations”, said Günther Weber. “We are a well-established network of 27 National ITS organisations fostering the exchange of experience, promotion and co-operation on all aspects of intelligent mobility services, in close cooperation with ERTICO. I am looking forward to encouraging and strengthening our network in these challenging times and advance its relevance, together with our Vice-chairman Mihai Niculescu and the whole team.”

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman will serve for two years.

More information about the Network of ITS National Associations is available at this link.