From now on, cycling in Hamburg will be even more comfortable: thanks to the first PrioBike totem pilot, cyclists will receive speed recommendations to avoid stops at the next traffic light. The system was developed and implemented by Yunex Traffic in close cooperation with the City of Hamburg.

Anyone who frequently rides a bicycle in the city knows the situation all too well: the ride would be so pleasant if it weren’t for the many traffic lights that regularly force cyclists to stop and dismount.
At the intersection of Rothenbaumchaussee /corner Edmund-Siemers-Allee in Hamburg, this is now a thing of the past. Thanks to an intelligent bicycle totem, cyclists will, from now on, know-how and whether they need to change their speed in order to comfortably catch the green light at the intersection.

“Strengthening green mobility options is a cornerstone of sustainable mobility. The city of Hamburg has recognized this and is taking an important step towards strengthening cycling and thus, towards more sustainable mobility with the bicycle totem. We are very pleased to have been able to implement this exciting project,” says Nils Schmidt, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic Germany.

The technology that Yunex Traffic has developed for the bicycle totem in Hamburg is based on a traffic light phase assistant. With the help of the detectors, cyclists are detected in the detection zone, approximately 80 to 120 meters before a traffic light. At the same time, their speed is measured. In the bicycle totem, this data is being put in relation to the predicted green phase of the nearest traffic light.

Based on this information, a speed recommendation is calculated with which the cyclists will optimally reach the current or upcoming green phase. If they have to change their speed more than possible, the bicycle column indicates that the next green phase can no longer be reached. Thanks to this information, cyclists can adjust their speed in good time and ride comfortably through the city.

With solutions like the bicycle totem from Yunex Traffic, the city of Hamburg is taking an important step towards sustainable mobility. After all, if more environmentally friendly means of transportation are to replace the car as the mode of choice, they must be able to keep up with cars’ comfort. Thanks to the bicycle totem, the bicycle is one step closer to this – and so is the city of Hamburg to sustainable mobility.

“This is indeed a step in the right direction taken by ERTICO Partners Yunex Traffic and the City of Hamburg. Micromobility and more specifically bicycles, form an essential part of holistic traffic management practice and providing information to riders on how to ‘catch the green wave’ is not only helping riders have a more comfortable, safe and unjoyful ride but also traffic managers and the city in better regulating and managing traffic flows within their mobility network. The intelligent bicycle totem brings bicycles into the Mobility Network Management (MNM) concept, as this is developed in the TM 2.0 ERTICO Innovation Platform, for a win-win-win for all,” says Dr Johanna Tzanidaki, Chief Innovation Officer at ERTICO. 

Source: Yunex Traffic