This two-day event is organised by Rijkswaterstaat in our effort to make eCall for Heavy Goods Vehicles a reality.

Below you will find the general overview as well as some extra information on the topics that will be dealt with.

Day 1 concentrates on the technical and standardisation issues with contributions from the I-HeERO project, PSAP and IVS Suppliers and CEN TC278 WG15. Expect to see live demonstrations of working HGV eCall chains and to talk about relevant topics. In different sessions we will discuss security and access rights, availability of information and implementation peculiarities related to the HGV world. Eucaris will present an architecture proposal to retrieve data from external databases across Europe. We finish the day with a look into Standardisation developments in  CEN TC278 WG15,  and, particularly the work of CEN PT1507 in relation to HGV eCall, the work done in I-HeERO, and other initiatives in this field.

On Day 2 we shift the focus and start with developments in triggering and acceptance and use of eCMR. We then break and you have another chance to see the live demonstrations. After this we continue with a presentation showing the vision of the Joint Meeting UNECE Telematica and Transport of Dangerous Goods by whose rules all transports involving dangerous goods have to abide. An important discussion will be on how the approaches for HGV eCall and the UNECE can be aligned.

After lunch you can join a short excursion to the newly build joint emergency room for the Rotterdam area. The rest of the we dedicate the afternoon to learning the interests and requirements from stakeholders. We then wrap up the results into an action plan with the final steps to implement HGV eCall.

Guests are welcomed to demonstrate IVS, PSAP, relevant hard and software. Please contact us to make preparations beforehand and make the demonstrations into a success.

Detailed agenda HGV eCall meeting Rotterdam July 4 and 5 agenda F

For registration:

Hotel and directions can be found at the registration link, best hotel deal seems to be nhow Rotterdam Wilhelminakade 137, 3072 AP  Rotterdam, next to the venue (50meters), large inhouse parking. Tel: +31 (0)10 206 7600,

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