News from the 10th ITS European Congress Hosts

Best traffic applications awarded in ITS Europe Helsinki 2014

ITS in Your Pocket 2014 is a development competition that provides an opportunity for companies, teams and individuals to learn more about intelligent traffic systems from the best experts in the ITS field. The competition provides an opportunity to get Europe-wide publicity and funding for further development.

For cities, ITS in Your Pocket is a chance to take steps forward in their smart city development by opening interesting data sources for the international network and developers. By submitting your product, you have a chance to get European wide publicity and funding for further development.

ITS in your pocket competition is a part of the 10th ITS European Congress. Organised by ERTICO – ITS Europe and the European Commission, the ITS Congress & Exhibition is one Europe’s largest events in Intelligent Transport Systems and Services.



Trafisafe will help to prevent young driver’s global safety problems

Trafisafe is a Finnish-Austrian ITS safety project studying the use of new technology to improve driver safety, especially in the case of young drivers. 

The first two years are the riskiest among novice drivers. For young drivers the parents are the most important factor to assist in learning a safe driving behaviour. There is need for a tool to assist parents in advising young drivers of safe driving behaviour. 

This new technology allows young drivers to receive clearer, more precise feedback about their driving behaviour. 

In VTT-conducted field tests, 75 father-son pairs tested the Trafisafe-system. The first data shows that the feedback improves more responsible driving and parents are interested in their youth’s driving skills.

 To calculate risk, Trafisafe uses an in-vehicle data recorder, based on the driving behaviour analysing tool ‘Driveco’, a plug and play install device that collects data from the vehicle’s internal sensor system.

The data is transferred wirelessly to the internet, and you can use any fixed or handheld device to see your personal reports. With the report tools, the driver is encouraged to drive more responsibly, economically and ecologically.

You can have weekly safety reports. The young driver and parent signs off the reports and can comment on events. Risk events can be looked on a map and the route history is saved automatically.

The service can be easily used by the whole family, and the parents can participate in advising the young driver to becoming a responsible driver.

At the 10th ITS European Congress in Helsinki there will be a driving simulator at Trafi’s stand.