ERTICO platform TN-ITS boosts data sharing by enabling the exchange of authoritative data with digital map service providers. The integration of HERE HD maps in the BMW automated vehicles reveals significant results in enhancing effectiveness and safety in mobility. 

Digital maps are an essential element within the fast-evolving automated mobility. High-quality maps entail more detailed information necessary to support the vehicle’s sensors. BMW 7 Series vehicles with SAE Level 2 seek to advance safety and continue the progress towards higher levels of automation. The vehicle manufacturer collaborates with the leading map-making company and ERTICO partner HERE to integrate their HD maps into the cars.

The collaboration sheds light on the relevance of using up-to-date and highly accurate maps for safer ‘on-map’ driving. By combining data from these maps with the car’s sensors, the vehicles gain an additional layer of information, leading to improved safety and better predictive capabilities.

TN-ITS, with HERE as a key partner within its ecosystem, is the ERTICO innovation platform that fosters a data chain mechanism aimed at mapping attribute updates between authorities and digital map and service providers based on the principles of trust, quality, integrity, and sovereignty. Together with HERE, the global benchmark in map-making, other map makers and services providers and several road authorities make TN-ITS  a pivotal initiative for map data exchange. The recently signed cooperation agreement with DATEX II, for which both standards initiate a merging process, represents significant progress in this duty, accelerating the shift towards seamless automated driving.