The 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the world’s largest event for mobile phone vendors, operators and mobile service providers. Finding your way through the 1900+ exhibitors at the show can be a tough challenge if you’re unfortunate enough to be trying to do it using the official paper catalogue. Luckily, there is a better alternative.

Just tap on the open door icon shown on the purple building – you need to be online the first time you do this – and you can see all the details of the venue. The search function and the maps themselves will show all of this year’s exhibitors. Finding your way to your next appointment will be a whole lot easier this way. While you have the Venue Map active, the search will restrict itself to locations inside the venue – so it will very quickly locate the next exhibitor you’re keen to see.

Aside from installing the app, what else do you need to do?

Your first step should, of course, be to download the Spain->Catalonia map while you’re still at home. This gives you the full map of the region offline. This means you don’t need to worry about roaming charges during your trip or an unreliable connection as usually happens in a very crowded space. And you’re able to calculate routes and search for locations and other PoI offline, too – try that with other mapping apps at your own peril.

NB: Make sure you refresh to the latest version of the Catalonia map if you’ve downloaded it previously – the floorplans for MWC 2015 have only just been finalised!

Then it’s a great idea to prepare a Collection for your trip – these are the HERE maps equivalent of themed bookmark folders, which you can access from any screen, whether it’s in your browser or our smartphone apps. We always start with the location of our hotel and the Fira Gran Via itself. That way, whatever happens, you’ll be able to direct a cab to where you’re supposed to be going each day.

Add some recommended restaurants, too – there are some great places at the top of the Arenas de Barcelona, for example – which also boasts a full Venue Map on HERE for Android. And if you’ve never been to Barcelona before, it would be criminal not to spend some time on Las Ramblas and at the Sagrada Familia, for example.


Original source: HERE