All you need to know about mobility in 2019 – you can find it now in HERE’s first ever industry-wide e-book, focusing on the current and future state of Mobility. With more than 20,000 individuals interviewed across 7 countries it offers the latest developments in transportation research. It is available for download now under this link.

Take a sneak-peak into the foreword below:

Mobility innovation impacts us on a daily basis. With more and more new transportation models and services joining the fold from ride-hailing and car-sharing to multi-modal transportation and micromobility, our choices on how to move from A to B are ever growing. True Mobility as a Service cannot be just about individual journeys, but should also expand
to include the way consumers interact with businesses.

The next challenge facing the mobility ecosystem is how to tap into the broader context of journeys and create holistic mobility solutions that go beyond hailing a cab. The synergy between technology and transportation is already affecting many industries, such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, and travel, by changing how customers reach businesses and consume value-added services. Now, we are beginning to see businesses leverage mobility solutions to affect customer choices and improve the bottom line.

To bridge the gap between individual journeys and holistic mobility, we must first understand the context in which consumers today are using existing transportation solutions. This e-book examines transportation and mobility usage across the United States and Europe, to better understand the how, why, when, and where that drives consumer transportation choices, as well as what consumers view as missing in the existing transportation space.

The insights uncovered here are vital to holistic mobility solutions that encompass all aspects of transportation, including businesses, to achieve urban mobility efficiency and deliver better, faster, stronger Mobility as a Service.

Source and photo credit: HERE