HERE, has been recognized by global research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan as a trailblazer in developing connected vehicle technology. In the report detailing the award, Frost & Sullivan notes that HERE stands apart in the highly competitive space for its knowledge and industry experience, impressive data collection ability, high level of personalization, revolutionary products and wide ranging partnerships “with nearly every OEM and system vendor.”

Frost & Sullivan assessed HERE, along with other companies in the market, across 10 business performance criteria. In the category of “technology excellence,” which includes criteria such as “commitment to creativity” and “commercialization success,” HERE scored 9 out of 10 points, nearly 3 points above the next organization rated. In the category of “visionary innovation,” which includes criteria such as “unmet needs” and “aspirational ideals,” HERE scored 9.4 out of 10 points, more than 2 points above the next competitor.

“HERE’s dedication to the automotive industry has put it on a pedestal above its competition,” said Frost & Sullivan in the report. “HERE’s dedication to consumers and the industry separates it into a class of its own. There is no doubt that the company will continue to pave the way through the industry-leading position that it currently occupies.”

The report also notes how unique HERE offerings, such as HERE Auto and offline mapping, allow the company to improve the lives of people using all forms of transportation.

“Our focus is to help people live safer, more delightful, economic, and sustainable lives, and we are excited to be recognized for that,” said Michael Halbherr, CEO of HERE. “This accolade continues to prove how HERE challenges the traditional norms of the marketplace in the process of becoming the preeminent location cloud.”

Frost & Sullivan will hold a formal Awards Gala for all its 2014 Growth, Innovation and Leadership award recipients during its AGILE conference on Tuesday, September 16, 2014, in San Jose, Calif.

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