The global demand for energy, and the environmental consequences of products used by enterprises and consumers, has elevated market interest in sustainable solutions. Xerox people have been working on environmentally responsible solutions for more than 40 years.

For example, Xerox Digital Alternatives helps customers conserve paper by going digital and significantly reduce the associated costs and energy. 

Transform Data into Actionable Decisions

Studies indicate that Los Angeles drivers spend 14 minutes looking for parking spaces during peak periods. This behavior creates congestion, consumes 47,000 gallons of gas, and produces 730 tons of carbon dioxide in LA on an annual basis.

Our Merge parking management system can help change that. In LA, our Merge solution provides a single portal for managing parking meters in Los Angeles. It uses data analytics to adjust parking rates based on driver demand for parking spaces and parking availability. With Merge, parking congestion during peak periods has been reduced 10 percent. 

Computer Vision, Quicker Tolls, Less Idle Time

Xerox is adapting its expertise in imaging to the area of computer vision in order to extract and analyze vast amounts of information from videos and images.

In transportation, researchers have developed a video-based license plate recognition system which can operate at highway speeds with high accuracy. This is a key enabler for Open Road Tolling, because the system allows agencies to collect tolls and violations without slowing or stopping traffic. The result is less congestion, more time savings for drivers, safer driving conditions around toll collection points, and reduced pollution due to less stop-and-go traffic.

We also administer PrePass, which handles pre-clearance for commercial vehicles in the United States. PrePass reduces queues and idling at weigh stations and inspection facilities, which saves carriers time, money and fuel. It also lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

Xerox received Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine’s 2014 Green Award because of the breadth and depth of sustainability in our operations, products and services. At Xerox, sustainability is integrated into key business processes including purchasing, customer service, product design, manufacturing, logistics and transportation.


Original source: Simplify Work / Xerox

Author: Catherine Reeves