Hitex Traffic Safety completes its rebrand to SWARCO HITEX LTD, reflecting the name of parent company SWARCO AG. Following the 2021 acquisition by SWARCO AG, Hitex Traffic Safety will now be formally rebranded SWARCO HITEX LTD from January 2024 onwards. The new company name will also see a change in packaging across the Hitex range of products, with new product branding being rolled out across 2024. The move will also see amendments to existing Hitex product names to align with SWARCO’s vast product portfolio.

SWARCO HITEX will still provide the same high quality product portfolio of road marking solutions, with the added benefit of a wider knowledge pool and easy access to more road marking systems already proven outside of the UK market.

SWARCO HITEX’s range of products will now be available on the SWARCO website, including two new solution areas added to the current SWARCO Road Marking Systems portfolio: High Friction Surfacing and Road Repair & Reinstatement. 

High friction surfacing also known as anti-skid is one of the most effective road safety surfacing measures to decrease accidents while also increasing user safety. Designed specifically to reduce braking distances and skidding, high friction surfacing is proven to reduce accidents and save lives.

Also, the Road Repair and Reinstatement range offers a pro-active approach to preventing further road and reinstatement deterioration. Either cold-applied, hot-applied or preformed, our solutions can be used over a wide range of road defects, including small cracks, open joints, potholes and reinstatement areas.

Source: Hitex Traffic Safety becomes SWARCO HITEX LTD | SWARCO