South Park character, Kenny Mc Cormick, is the paradigm of collateral damage of friendly fire. Each time his friends achieve something, the result is his death, even with best of intentions.

Being a city-storyteller for ten years, last May I endeavored to follow the Technicity course at Coursera. And I felt like Kenny, trying to struggle with the friendly but enormous quantity of content and the “do-it-yourself” approach in only a month.

I failed miserably. However, I wasn’t the only one, and some of the students were complaining in a forum. Even if the discussion went sometimes hard, the responses from the Professors were accurate and timely.

As I rather construct than destroy, at that time I proposed the following:

–             Some basic knowledge on the topic might be offered as “week 0”

–             Make apps optional or leave the students suggest the best place for a “virtual” salon.

–             The course needs a stronger leading thread. Maybe to differentiate one edition from the next.

–             Or, the length can be extended. The same amount of work but over 10 or 12 weeks. Each week with an interesting topic.

–             More participation from elected representatives of the cities should be sought. As more geographical variety of the models.

Wel, the course is starting again this week, and, as you can see in this link, I am happy to see that most part of my comments were taken on board.

I re-engaged and I recommend you to do the same.

Let’s share the experience!

Original author: atlsmc