The iMobility Support project is pleased to announce the launch of its new website www.imobilitysupport.eu

The EU-Funded iMobility Support project promotes the use of ICT in Europe for smart, safe and clean mobility.

The new website provides a huge amount of documentation as well as information related to the activities of the iMobility Forum, and also includes much of the data previously provided via the eSafety Support and iCar Support websites.

If you are interested in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and the deployment of ITS in Europe, the website will be a valuable resource and if you wish to join our activities – you can apply to join online!


Notes to the editor

About iMobility Support

iMobility Support supports the deployment of intelligent mobility in Europe by organising iMobility Forum activities including but not limited to stakeholder networking, deployment support, awareness raising and dissemination of results.

This support action is structured on three support pillars:

In the first pillar, iMobility Support actively supports the constituencies and activities of the iMobility Forum. It acts as the secretariat of the iMobility Forum and is the key contact point for the Forum members. It monitors the 23 recommendations and also organises the “concertation” workshops for European projects on ICT for mobility.

In its second pillar, iMobility Support focuses on the main ITS deployment issues faced by the Forum: it monitors the deployment of iMobility priority systems; it encourages the usage of Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) for ITS; it supports ITS standardisation; it identifies certification needs; supports the deployment of eCall system; and supports international collaboration where needed.

In its third pillar, iMobility Support actively promotes the iMobility Forum activities; it maintains an easily recognisable brand with editorial tools; it consolidates and disseminates the Forum results in different forms; it organises the iMobility Awards; and, it contributes to selected ITS events.

Project Timeline: 1 January 2013 – 30 December 2015

Project Budget: € 1,449,000

Project Website: www.imobilitysupport.eu

iMobility Forum

The iMobility Forum is a joint platform open for all road stakeholders interested in ICT-based systems and services, chaired by the European Commission and ERTICO-ITS EUROPE, ACEA and ASECAP. It is the official successor to the eSafety Forum. Its field of work includes ICT systems for resource-efficient and clean mobility in addition to the original focus on ICT-based safety technologies.