ie-logo (1)Info.era S.r.l. is an IT provider, on the market for nearly 20 years, highly specialised in the design and development of software customized for maritime, transport and logistics sectors.

Over the past 10 years, the organisation has followed with particular attention all process innovations and regulatory changes related to the maritime world that has led to a radical evolution of the customs operations management currently performed by private operators also in relation to the public entities service provision (Customs Agency, Harbour Master to name the most important).

Thanks to its specialised know-how, Info.era S.r.l. has developed and provided the PCS (Port Community System) Sinfomar to the Port Authority of Trieste. A Sinfomar description is available at the link The Sinfomar implementation has enabled other IT developments, both in the Trieste port area and the dry-port of Fernetti. Today, Info.era S.r.l represents a point of reference from a technical, and not only IT, point of view for the entire port community; both for private operators (shipping companies, freight forwarders, terminal operators) and for public ones (Port Authority, Fernetti dry-port, Customs Agency, Coast Guard, Guard of Finance and many others).

One of the main objectives of Info.era S.r.l is to use IT to develop faster and paperless logistical procedures. For this reason, the company is interested in collaborating with Public Authorities and research centres in order to develop joint projects enabling the achievement of the mentioned objective. This modus operandi has created the opportunity to follow the CO-GISTICS activities in the Trieste pilot site, considering the project as a potential area of innovation, of sharing the proper practical experience on logistic problems involving the Trieste port, of exchanging and providing feedback on the future project results. Now, Info.era S.r.l. is pleased to provide a concrete contribute in the CO-GISTICS project as an Associated Partner.

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