On 16 December, the AUTOPILOT project concluded its TESTFEST activities with the presentation of the interoperability results during a dedicated workshop held at ERTICO premises.

In line with AUTOPILOT main topic, which is to foster innovation in automated driving through the Internet of Things, the TESTFEST has been organised as a remote event, where participants from the five pilot sites (Brainport, Livorno, Tampere, Versailles and Vigo) met “virtually”, online, to perform the interoperability testing exercise. Testing activities spread throughout October and November 2019.

The workshop also included live demonstrations, through geographical maps, of the visualisation of aggregated AUTOPILOT data from the pilot sites, proving the inter-exchangeability of data.

Furthermore, the event highlighted the resilience of AUTOPILOT concept, presenting the results of the interworking with the platform from another Large Scale Pilot (LSP), SYNCHRONICITY.

During the event, the pilot sites reported encouraging results from the remote TESTFEST sessions: interoperability between the deployed IoT platforms was achieved. This means that data published by devices (e.g. traffic lights, cars) at one of the pilots could be “consumed”, that is to say processed in applications, used for visualisation in maps etc., by the IoT platforms at peer pilot sites.

“I was impressed how easy it was to interconnect to the other pilot sites due to the common use of well-established oneM2M standards”, said Mariano Falcitelli from CNIT, representing the Livorno pilot site.

For more information about the AUTOPILOT project, visit the official website.