The IRU welcomes the European Parliament Plenary’s vote, originally foreseen for April 2015, on new weights and dimensions rules for buses, coaches and trucks. This paves the way for a faster Ministerial confirmation of the deal under the Latvian EU Presidency. The IRU encourages the European Commission to prepare the implementation rules to make greener and safer commercial vehicles a reality by the already delayed date of 2020.

Michael Nielsen, IRU General Delegate to the EU, commented, “The IRU welcomes the efficiency and speed with which the MEPs, particularly their rapporteur, Jorg Leichtfried, have finalised this dossier on weights and dimensions and that will allow transport operators to buy even greener and safer trucks by 2020.”

The decision, which is fully in line with the IRU’s Smart Move campaign to double the use of buses and coaches by 2020, will also allow higher maximum weights so that two-axle touring coaches can accommodate alternative fuel propulsion systems and improve passenger comfort.


Original source: International Road Transport Union