On 3 October the Flemish Parliament adopted a resolution asking the Flemish government to progress ISA as a priority measure to tackle speeding and reduce deaths and serious injuries on Flemish roads. The resolution is an initiative of seven Flemish Members of Parliament; Steve D’Hulster Jan Roegiers Dirk de Korten Karin Brouwers Lies Jans Tine Eerlingen en Griet Smaers. The ISA resolution recognises the successful pilot projects completed in Belgium. They ask the Flemish government to progress with enabling the use of digital maps for ISA. They also recommend that ISA is implemented in the vehicle fleet of the Flemish government. They also support its integration into the EU ITS policy framework. They ask that the government reports annually to the Flemish parliament on progress within the context of the road safety plan. Finally they stress the need to continue to raise awareness about the risks associated with speed and the role ISA can play. A further resolution initiative along the same lines is also being launched in the Belgian Federal Parliament.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 18 Oct 2012