Gunter Zimmermeyer ERTICO Chairman participated in the “Electric cars and mobility challenges in times of change” seminar organised by the Socialists and Democrat Group (S&D) of the European Parliament.

Mr Zimmermeyer argued that “ITS is a stroke of luck for ElectroMobility… and ElectroMobility is a stroke of luck for ITS”. Addressing the ever increasing challenges of urbanisation transport environmental impact and scarce resources Mr Zimmermeyer illustrated how ITS can help ElectroMobility especially in the context of first generation of FEVs and how ElectroMobility can likewise provide an entrance for ITS applications into the market. 

ElectroMobilty is a priority today in the EU and other regions and the first generation of FEVs have arrived. ITS is an efficient and effective step to achieve different aspects of sustainable mobility all at once meeting the consumer need to travel from A to B quickly comfortably economically and reliably reducing the consumption of scarce resources increasing safety and security and reducing environmental impact as well as overcoming ElectroMobility’s early limitations.

Mr Zimmermeyer outlined how ITS will support ElectroMobilty first through the evolution of today’s ITS application then through the “revolution” or development of wholly new and tailored ITS applications for FEVs.

ITS by providing multi-modal journey planning and cooperative and intelligent V2X communications will lead to a fully informed and confident driver secure in the knowledge that his or her electric vehicle will perform as required completing all journeys safely and efficiently.

Finally Mr Zimmermeyer also stressed that it should not be forgotten that ElectroMobilty is not limited to vehicles highlighting the potential role that eBikes could play. Noting that eBikes are already widely available understood and accepted and indeed have an ever increasing role to play in an aging society Mr Zimmermeyer called for their full integration into the mobility chain through the implementation of ITS specifically for eBikes. In this regard Mr Zimmermeyer again highlighted how eBikes much like FEVs would have both a push and a pull effect on the deployment of ITS.

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“ITS pushes eCars and eMobility pushes ITS. Together they push sustainable mobility and make it fit for the future.” (G. Zimmermeyer)

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Original Publication Date: Wed 05 Oct 2011