On 1 December ITS&S of the Czech Republic and Slovakia organised the ITS Forum on “Door-to-door seamless mobility & public transportation management” in Brussels.

Some of the topics discussed included: multimodal travelling public transport management electronic fare management e-tickets and online reservations.

Participants in the Forum concluded that application of ITS in public transport has a great potential for all especially in terms of delivering on-line reliable and relatively cheap information advisory planning management and booking services. During the event the importance of strong advice for mutual exchange of information knowledge and best practices between EU Regions was also stressed. Stakeholders underlined that ITS deployment shall follow a regulatory framework that should be available prior to deployment. Finally forum participants encouraged the European Commission EU member states and national governments transport and ITS stakeholders to support joint and coordinated efforts in the areas of standardisation data exchange national and cross-border electronic fare management adoption of EU recommendations such as the EU Transport White Paper 2011 Directive 40/2010/EU ITS and the ITS Action Plan.

You can find the Forum conclusions here.

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Original Publication Date: Wed 14 Dec 2011