The Network of National ITS Associations were recently warmly welcomed by ITS Denmark and the City of Copenhagen for two days of stimulating presentations and discussions.

The Workshop on the first day was very well attended with around 100 participants from Denmark and across Europe. The Workshop was held in the City of Copenhagen’s premises on 26-27 April and consisted of three parallel workshops on:

  • Door to Door Traffic
  • Road Pricing
  • Urban Traffic Management

Presentations in all sessions were given by speakers from both the private and public sectors. Within the session on Door to Door Traffic the audience learnt about travel planning in Denmark seamless mobility in the Czech Republic as well within multi-modal transport systems. In addition examples were given of spontaneous ridesharing and traffic monitoring. Participants in the session on Road Pricing heard about toll collection in the Czech Republic GPS truck tolling in Slovakia the Danish approach to interoperable solutions as well as lessons learnt issues relating to road pricing such as privacy and security and current trends and guidelines for the future. Finally in the Urban Traffic Management session there were presentations on interoperability historic and real time traffic data Bluetooth data in addition to providing urban mobility solutions cooperative systems the view from the EU expert group and a platform for ITS and traffic signals in Copenhagen.

The presentations can be found here.

The workshop was followed by an enjoyable Networking dinner at the Café Sundet the journey to which involved a boat journey where participants were delighted by a commentary on local landmarks given by Steffen Rasmussen our host from the City of Copenhagen.

The Network Plenary meeting on the second day also held at the City of Copenhagen premises was well attended with 15 Network members present. During the meeting the Chairman Jennie Martin and Vice Chairman Norbert Handke were re-elected for another 2 year term in addition to Reinhard Pfliegl elected to sit on the Coordination Committee. ITS Lithuania presented itself to the meeting and their membership of the Network was approved. The Network now has 27 members from across Europe. Discussions were held on the subject of potential participation in projects and possible activities to support the ITS Directive and it was agreed to establish a sub-committee to discuss these issues further.

The next meeting will take place in Dublin 8-9 November kindly hosted by ITS Ireland.

For more information please contact Anna Limbrey.

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Original Publication Date: Mon 14 May 2012