On Monday 14 October, Mr Atsushi Yano, Chairman of the ITS World Congress Board of Directors, and the three CEOs Dr Hermann Meyer (ERTICO), Mr Scott Belcher (ITS America) and Mr Hajime Amano (ITS Japan) announced the winners of the ITS Hall of Fame 2013 at the 20th ITS World Congress in Tokyo. On the same occasion, the Industry Awards and the Local Government Awards, were awarded for the first time.

ITS Hall of Fame winners

Europe: Dr Risto Kulmala from Finland, Principal Advisor on ITS at the Finnish Transport Agency.

Dr Kulmala has previously worked as Research Professor of ITS at VTT in Finland and as Adjunct Professor at Lund University, Sweden. With a long experience in road safety, analysis of benefits, costs and technical performance of ITS, ICT infrastructure and development of ITS deployment strategies and roadmaps, Dr Kulmala has been responsible for more than 300 publications. He is the coordinator of several major national and international R&D and deployment programmes and projects, a member of various international ITS bodies, and a member or chair of numerous scientific and technical committees.

The Americas: Mr Harry Voccola from the USA, Executive Advisor to Nokia/HERE.

Mr Voccola has been involved in the ITS industry since its inception. After 20 years, Harry recently retired from NAVTEQ. He has served as a senior vice president at Lockheed IMS, the director/deputy at the New York City Department of Transport, and was one of the founders of ITS America. He served on its Board for the first 12 years, and was Chairman in 1997-98, he has been on the ITS World Congress board since its inception and was Chairman of the World Congress board for the 2008 World Congress in San Francisco. He is currently on the Boards of the Centre for Transport and the Environment, the Connected Vehicle Trade Association as Chairman Emeritus, and the Truck Smart Parking Services Company.

Asia-Pacific: Dr Mao Chi-Kuo from Chinese-Taipei, Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan.

Dr Mao assumed his current role in February 2013. Previously, Dr Mao was Minister of Transport and Communications (2008-2013) and Administrative Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications (from 1993 to 2000). At his suggestion, ITS Taiwan was established in 1998, and later the same year, the ITS development and promotion office was inaugurated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Dr Mao fully supported and encouraged international cooperation in ITS, such as hosting the 2011 ITS Asia-Pacific Forum held in Kaohsiung.

The Industry Awards and the Local Government Awards were given to a company or research organisation that:

  • developed or deployed a significant new innovative product or service over the course of the previous year
  • developed a new product or service which has played a key role in accelerating development and deployment of ITS in its region
  • is a company or research organisation that plays a leading role in the ITS Community

Industry Award winners

Europe: Civitronic from Romania, recipients were Mr Claudiu Suma, CEO, and Mr Radu Igret, CTO.

Civitronic is one of the few early pioneers supporting pan-European eCall pre-deployment, since the beginning. They developed an IVS that was used to set up the eCall value chain in Romania. Currently the Civitronic IVS is in use, or is intended to be used, by approximately 80% of the HeERO countries pre-deploying pan-European eCall.

The Americas: Econolite and its product Centracs® ATMS (Advanced Transportation Management System) from the USA. The recipient was Mr Mike Doyle, CEO.

In 2010, the City of Charlotte initiated an ITS project to upgrade its traffic signal network of nearly 700 signalised intersections. The ITS upgrade required a new centralised Advanced Transport Management System (ATMS) to replace an older system that the city had outgrown. The Econolite Centracs® ATMS was selected and work began in October 2011. Due to a special national event scheduled for September 2012, Centracs ATMS was required to be up and running by March 2012 (within six months).

Asia-Pacific: Transport Certification Australia (TCA) from Australia; the recipients were Mr Chris Koniditsiotis, Chief Executive, TCA and Ms Susan Harris, CEO, ITS Australia.

TCA is an Australian body providing assurance in the use of telematics and cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) to support the current and emerging needs of Australian Governments and industry sectors. TCA administers Australia’s National Telematics Framework, providing a nationally agreed operational environment for use across different policy and industry needs.

Local Government Award winners

Europe: Grand Lyon from France and its project Optimod’Lyon. The recipient was Mr Jean Coldefy, Traffic and Public Transport Programmes Coordinator, Grand Lyon.

Grand Lyon has set up major actions for ITS in urban environments within the Smart Cities agenda. Optimod’Lyon deals with information services for people and urban logistic. It develops major breakthrough innovations for an optimal use of cities mobility services. It also develops new cooperation schemes between public and private actors for the take-off of new business models.

The Americas: Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Office Innovative Partnerships and Alternative Funding and its project Oregon Road Usage Charge Pilot Programme. The recipient was Mike Doyle, CEO.

The Oregon Department of Transport’s Road Usage Charge Pilot Programme (RUCPP), which ran from October 2012 through January 2013, was the second pilot developed and implemented by ODOT’s Office of Innovative Partnerships and Alternative Funding. The culmination of more than a decade’s worth of research, testing, public involvement and broad-based support, the RUCPP’s findings resulted in the country’s first legislation establishing a road usage charge system for transport funding.

Asia-Pacific: Seoul Metropolitan Government – TOPIS (Transport OPeration & Information Service) from South Korea. The Recipient was Prof. Chon, Seoul National University, former Chairman of WC Board of Directors representing the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Seoul TOPIS (Transport OPeration & Information Service) is creating a smart transport service for 10 million citizens. Seoul’s ITS include Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS), Bus Management Systems/Bus Information Systems (BMS/BIS), Illegal Unmanned System, and Parking Information Systems (PIS). Seoul will establish the ‘Smart Traffic Information Service’ to be available at anytime anywhere.