The two calls for demonstrations for the ITS World Congress 2012 have now been closed. However if you have a proposal which could be of interest please contact Alexander Frötscher under

A variety of interesting and innovative projects have been submitted and from the first call eleven encouraging proposals most of which will run on public roads have been selected. Real traffic demonstrations will showcase the upcoming generation of connected cars communication between car and infrastructure as well as communication with traffic control centres. Ranging from traffic jam warning to hazardous location notifications and in vehicle signage these systems will make everyday driving much easier and safer.

By the end of January the Coordinating Committee of ITS Vienna 2012 will make a decision on which submited proposals from the second call will be selected.

In addition two parking areas will be set up; one for safety applications and one for prototypes where demonstrations will be presented to Congress participants. There will also be a demonstration intro zone in Hall A where Congress visitors will get a first introduction to the demonstrations.

For further information please download the demonstration programme.

For any question please refer to the Coordinator of the demonstrations Alexander Frötscher AustriaTech.

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Original Publication Date: Tue 10 Jan 2012